Saab 9-3 Bluetooth module


Suitable for all Saab 9-3 models 2002-2006
(Sport Sedan Estate and Convertible)

  • Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR
  • Calls
  • HQ Audio (stereo)
  • Built in static reduction
  • (detachable) Microphone

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Comprehensive instructions included: easy install takes ~10 minutes using only a pry tool and a small screwdriver. Download the instructions here:


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  • Bluetooth: 4.0 + EDR
  • Built in static reduction
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Easy to install

    Install instructions included

  • Auto-connect feature

    Your device is automatically recognized and connects when you start your car

  • Bluetooth Audio

    High Quality Audio Streaming through Bluetooth 4.0

  • Low power usage

    Module runs on 12v


Check these options if you run into any issues during installation.

Check the connections in the back of the radio unit are in place. Your Saab uses a fiber optic system which needs to be in a closed loop to function.

Check fuses #3 ,#4 ,#13 and #14. if the ignition switch is on ON while connection or disconnecting connectors a fuse might blow. Always turn the ignition OFF while working on your 9-3

  1. Check if your ignition is ON. The Bluetooth module is only powered when the ignition is ON.
  2. Check fuse #22 (cigarette lighter). If you work on your 9-3 while the ignition is ON a fuse might blow. Always turn the ignition OFF while working on your 9-3.
  1. Make sure the volume on your phone is set to MAX.
  2. Make sure your radio system is on the AUX source. (push the CD button on your radio 2 times)

AUX should appear on you Saab Information Display.

The AUX function may not be activated on your 9-3. For the bluetooth module to work  it can be activated with the TECH2 device at your local Saab Specialist.

As explained in the main page there is only one aux connection in the back of your radio. The Bluetooth module uses the connection of the AUX input so you will have to choose between AUX and Bluetooth function.